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Information about Guar Meal, Cassia Tora Splits & Fast Hydration Guar Gum Powder

Avlast Hydrocolloids offers a diverse range of products. One such product is Guar Refined Splits, also known simply as Guar splits. These splits are derived from guar seeds after the removal of husk and germs. They play a crucial role in determining the viscosity of guar powder. With a pale white hue and a protein content of approximately 5%, Guar Refined Splits boast minimal impurities, typically around 1%. Characterized by their low moisture content, these splits find extensive application in the production of various grades of guar gum powder utilized across the food and textile industries, as well as in the creation of various derivatives derived from Guar.

About Guar Meal

Guar Meal (Fodder) emerges as a refined by-product of guar splits, comprising the husk and germs remaining after processing. Renowned for its remarkably high protein concentration, it serves as a staple in animal and poultry diets. The inherent trypsin inhibitor undergoes removal through high-temperature toasting, augmenting its nutritive value and rendering it highly digestible. Noteworthy is Guar Meal (Fodder)’s suitability for animals, not solely due to its abundant protein and carbohydrate components, but also its pure, chemical-free composition devoid of preservatives. It proves versatile, serving either as a standalone feed or as a supplement alongside other dietary options, effectively substituting for soybean meal.

About Fast Hydration Guar Gum Powder

In the realm of oil and natural gas operations, guar gum powder plays a pivotal role, acting as a catalyst for increased oil production and enhanced recovery efforts. Functioning as both a surfactant and synthetic polymer, it serves as an effective defoamer, particularly well-suited for water-based and brine-based drilling fluids. Its multifaceted utility extends to mitigating water loss during drilling operations and minimizing friction, thereby optimizing power consumption. Renowned under various aliases, this substance is indispensable across the oil, gas, and well drilling sectors. The distinction between standard and rapid hydration lies in their respective onset times, with the former manifesting its effects over two hours, while the latter boasts a remarkable activation speed of mere three minutes. Adorned in an off-white hue, this finely powdered substance seamlessly dissolves in water, boasting a pH range of 5 to 7, underscoring its versatility and applicability in diverse operational contexts.

Cassia Tora Splits

When a seed is split into two halves, they are commonly known as cassia splits, also referred to as cassia tora gum splits, senna splits, and various other names. The seed comprises an outer husk, an endosperm, and the ovary or germ. Only the endosperm or split, which primarily contains polysaccharides, is utilized in the production of cassia gum. The husk and germ are separated from the endosperm by heating them to make them brittle, allowing for their removal through pulverization. Despite the high temperatures, the split remains intact. It primarily consists of mannose and galactose and appears pale yellow in color. These splits are soluble in hot water and function as thickening and gelling agents when combined with carageenan and xanthan. Additionally, they serve as food additives and are used in cattle feed products.

About Cassia Tora Meal

Incorporating a remarkable protein content of approximately 30%, this Cassia Tora Meal emerges as a formidable alternative to traditional soya meal for livestock. Through meticulous processing of Cassia tora seeds, the resultant germs and husks yield a nutrient-rich cassia meal, elevating protein levels for cattle consumption. Boasting optimal levels of silica, fiber, and moisture, this blend stands as an impeccable dietary choice for our animal companions.


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